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SPE water electrolysis for hydrogen production is considered to be the most promising technology for hydrogen production from water electrolysis due to its small size, high efficiency, high purity of generated hydrogen, and long-term operation at high current density. As the core of this technology, SPE water electrolysis catalyst directly determines the various aspects of performance of hydrogen production from water electrolysis. The SPE water electrolysis catalyst prepared by our company based on the improved CCM process can improve the performance of water electrolysis and help the development of the green hydrogen industry....
The serialized electrocatalyst products have passed third-party testing, with the performance indicators of electrocatalyst uniformity, batch stability and consistency meeting the design requirements. Tested under the three-electrode system, the ECSA of the self-made platinum-based catalyst can exceed 110m2/g, and the mass-specific activity can exceed 320A/g. Electrochemically active specific surface area and mass activity of the electrocatalysts are at the international first-class level....
Our company's catalyst products are mainly precious metal catalysts, which can be used in fine chemicals, environmental protection, new energy and other fields. In fine chemicals, precious metals are excellent catalysts for industrial reactions such as chemistry and medicine. In environmental protection, precious metal catalysts are widely used in automobile exhaust purification, catalytic combustion of organic, oxidation of CO and NO and etc. In new energy, precious metal catalysts are the most critical core material in the development of new fuel cells and electrolyzers....
The SPE MEA is the core component of the SPE electrolyzer, which refers to the embedding of active electrodes (catalytic substances) on both sides of the solid polymer electrolyte (Solid Polymer Electrolyte, SPE) membrane, so that the two become a whole. The electrochemical reaction of water takes place in the membrane electrode, which acts as a separator and electrode. The electrochemical reaction of water takes place in the membrane electrode, which acts as a separator and electrode. Deionized water is supplied to the MEA, which reacts on the anode side to evolve oxygen, hydrogen ions, and electrons. The electrons are transferred to the cathode through an external circuit, and the hydrogen ions pass through the membrane to the cathode in a hydrated form (H+?xH2O). At the cathode, hydrogen ions and electrons recombine to form hydrogen, and at the sa...
Membrane Electrode Assembly (MEA) in fuel cell, the site of multiphase material transfer and electrochemical reaction, is mainly composed of catalyst, proton exchange membrane, microporous layer, and gas diffusion layer. As the core component of the proton exchange membrane fuel cell, it determines the performance, life and cost of the fuel cell. MEA with high performance, high durability and low cost is an important development direction of fuel cells. Given the problems such as the low utilization rate of precious metal platinum in the particle stacked catalyst layer and a large amount of platinum in the catalyst layer in the current CCM process, our company prepared the fiber-arranged catalyst layer on the surface of the proton exchange membrane based on electrospinning processes etc. With the preparation of the CCM with high Pt utiliza...

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Tsing Hydrogen (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd.

Under the boost of carbon peaking and carbon neutrality goals, hydrogen energy is the clean energy with the most development potential in the 21st century. At the same time, the development of hydrogen energy is an inevitable choice for Chinese energy structure transition and energy security. Tsing Hydrogen (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd. is a scientific and technological innovation enterprise that relies on the hydrogen energy electrocatalysis technology of Tsinghua University to carry out experimental amplification and development, and provide comprehensive solutions and products of electrocatalysis materials, technologies and equipment for the industrialization of hydrogen energy. The dual-carbon target development strategy is our own responsibility. We adhere to the multi-disciplinary integrated research and development of electrocatalysis, materials engineering, chemical industry, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, and control engineering. We persist in the combination of production, education, research, and application to accelerate the pace of industrialization of scientific and technological achievements, and promote the transition of hydrogen energy to "easy to use" and "durability".

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Pursue breakthroughs in underlying technologies and the cheap utilization of hydrogen energy,
Contribute to the future energy transition of mankind


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